Common Problems with Windows 10 1709 Update

While the “Fall Creator’s Update” 1079 for Windows 10 has been out and updating itself on devices since mid-October, the rampant issues associated with it are still rearing their ugly little heads. Since release day, this update has had issues ranging from deactivated drivers, missing applications, to the update itself failing to install on a large percentage of machines. Despite Microsoft offering a slew of self-help websites to address the issues, many of the problems associated with the Fall Creator’s Update are not easily identified — particularly if your machine did the update automatically without notifying you.

Since October, we’ve identified and resolved many of the Update issues on our customers’ machines, with the most prominent one being the driver problems directly related to network adapters and graphics cards.

Drivers & Monitor Complaints

For many Windows users, the installation of the 1079 update immediately caused visual issues with the monitor by altering the contrast and color display, leaving some with off-color appearances or black-and-white screens across the board. For others, specifically those with Razer laptops, the keyboard, trackpad and USB ports no longer functioned.

Microsoft Edge Failures

Microsoft Edge users would suddenly find their browsers failing to connect or offering recovery webpages. If access to Edge wasn’t an issue, users complained about any text inputs into the search bar or webpage text fields lagging to the point where they were not usable.

Failure to Install

The 1079 update would often fail to install altogether, throwing numerous errors or grinding to a halt half-way through the update before rebooting machines. Many users complained that their machines would no longer allow user logins, particularly those with ASUS computers. Install failures were most commonly found on machines where users would manually install the update rather than wait for Windows to prompt you to do so. Even today, most Microsoft help sites are encouraging users to avoid manual installations of the Fall Creator’s Update and instead wait for Windows to either do so automatically, or prompts you for the install.

To wrap things up, it’s clear that this update was severely flawed during beta and release, and while Windows is slowly addressing the issues there are many fixes that our techs at Mobile Computer Wizard can do to help you if you are having any complications. Give us a call or an email and we can schedule a time with you to have you come into our office or send one of our techs to your home; they’re all very competent and happy to walk you through the Fall Creator’s Update problems and implement fixes and solutions.

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