Clients in San Diego are constantly asking me about Windows 10 and the upgrade process on their Windows computers and laptops.  It's been out for a few months now and this is based on dozens of experiences with the upgrade process and the OS itself we have experienced out in the field, in the shop and on our own devices.

Windows 10 is lovely, when installed clean.  It's free until June 2016.  Clean meaning ALL settings and data is pulled off, backed up and reconfigured.  However, so far only about 85% of the upgrades go through successfully without a hitch and nearly 100% of the time an upgrade does not make the computer run better.  My own laptop when I upgraded from Win 8 to 10 and it worked, but not better.  I then later wiped it all out and did Windows 10 clean and it's great now!  But, that comes at a multi-hour cost.  My advice is this:  Windows 10 will not revolutionize anything you do, if you want it, great, we'll help you do it the proper, but more time-consuming way.  I'm on the fence as the owner of the company to nearly forbid anyone here to 'upgrade' existing computers without doing a fresh/clean install.  Once again, the odds of it being 'better' are low to none.  Sorry to jump around there, but Windows 10 should only be used on a new PC or if you are will to have your existing 2011 or newer PC wiped clean.  Either way, data, settings and config need to be backed up and restoration is required.  For some this is an hour, for others it's a few hours.  I hope that helps guide you!
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