A cloud backup is exactly what it sounds like: the data stored on your laptop, computer or other device is uploaded and saved to an online archive, safe and sound from those unthinkable (and almost always unplanned) device or hardware failures. We’ve all been there at some point in a personal or business capacity: something happens with the device we’re working on, it crashes, and we’re left with a terrifying amount of complete squat. All that hard work (for some people it can be years worth of important documents) gone… and while data recovery is possible, it’s not always successful.

If you don’t have a cloud backup, you need to get one, and soon! For every minute you don’t have a backup in place for your data, you risk losing some or all of it to any number of potential failures… even one so simple as accidentally spilling your morning coffee on your laptop.

While it’s possible to back up and store your own data, it can be tricky and time consuming. Most folks find it easiest to toss some money at a third-party provider once a month to store their data. But what happens if that third-party discontinues?


Crashplan Backup Service Discontinuing

One of the most popular services our customers have used for backing up personal data has been provided by the online service CrashPlan. They were reliable, cost-effective and had well-managed customer service… until now. The CEO of CrashPlan has announced that they have discontinued their cloud backup service as of August 22, 2017 for home users – that is, the individuals of the world – and are shifting their focus to businesses and enterprises only.

This is huge, and impacts every person who just wants to make sure their personal data is safe and stored away in a cloud backup. CrashPlan will continue to offer Business plans, but the pricing is nowhere near feasible for a single person or persons simply wanting their data reliably backed up. Those with current Home subscriptions will have them honored. However, if you have one, be prepared as it will not be renewed once expired. Crashplan for Home will no longer be available for use (new, renewal or otherwise) starting October 23, 2018. 


A New Plan for your Cloud Backup

Because of the news above, Mobile Computer Wizard has taken action and will now be offering cloud-based backup services to our customers!

Wizard Cloud Backup 1PC+100GB (File Based) – This subscription provides you with secure backup services for a single PC or Laptop with 100GB of file storage.

Wizard Cloud Backup 1PC+100GB (Image Based) – This subscription provides you with secure backup services for a single PC or Laptop with 100GB of image storage.

We also provide additional storage that can be added to either plan, providing you with as much space as you need for your files. All storage purchased is pooled and can be shared between your computers. For example, one computer can have 50G, while a second has 150G, for a total of 200G used.

Prices for the above plans range from $99-120 yearly – that’s <$10/month to ensure your data, documents, projects, family photos and more are backed up safely on the MCW cloud. Most of all, it’s peace of mind that you’ll never be left in a compromising position of losing some (or all) of your hard work.

Give us a call at (858) 345-0382 or email us at support@mobilecomputerwizard.com to discuss your options. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have!