Computers over time will gather dust. This is mainly because of the vacuum type of effect the air flow systems create. Desktops kept on the floor have a tendency to collect more dust and households with pets will gather fur. We recommend cleaning the PC once every couple months and can be done with a can of compressed air.

For Desktops, you will need to open the side panel and look for fans. They are the biggest culprit of caked on dust. Blow these off, and be mindful not to touch the fan blades while they spin. They probably won't hurt you, but they could break.
Notebook computers usually have 2 or 3 fan intakes and exhausts. Blow into these with your compressed air and remember not to turn the compressed air container upside down!

If you own a household air compressor, this will work very well and again, be careful not to obstruct the fans when they spin. For a professional touch, bring your computer into our office in Kearny Mesa and we will be more than happy to clean it out.

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