Just a heads up, I’m doing a data recovery for a client in North County San Diego. His computer crashed. Really, it’s more of a recovery from backup! Skim this if you’ve never done it… but using the Mozy restore manager is the best way to do a download if you are grabbing files to be moved later. If interrupted, it will resume… the other way, the old way, breaks them into 2GB chucks, which with 50GB is really annoying.If the PC still works and you need just one file, then for sure do it from the Mozy virtual drive that’s located in the “My Computer”, that’s the fastest way to get one old version of a file.http://www.numion.com/calculators/time.htmlThat website is great to have an idea of how long to download, OR how long it will take to upload a new backup. *Kurt Rein* MobileComputerWizard.com 619 255-1215 Office Computer Repair in San Diego at it’s Best.