Virus Removal

Computer virus can be described as a piece of programming code that mostly attacks your computer and network systems. This is caused with the help of contaminated data files which are introduced to the system of your P.C. due to a disk or the internet. These viruses cause widespread damage to your entire computer system and affect the websites or the entire communication systems. Some of these show their affect immediately whereas others are slow and can cause destruction over a long period of time. Such a virus can slow down your system, corrupt your files, your programs become faulty, damages your boot sector, often enable other person to hack your account and it can even lead to change the rating of power which can lead to blasting of the system.

Mobile Computer Wizard  is a leading company for San Diego Computer Repair that also deals in computer virus removal. We try our best to give you better results than any local computer repair shops. We are a company who believes in customer satisfaction and try our best to serve you with all our technical expertise. We are also available for laptop repair San Diego and our service range extends to other cities. You can contact us for all kinds of queries related to computer viruses and removal.

Mobile Computer Wizard providing computer support in San Diego

The following are the services which our company provides:

  • The setup of your computer
  • The tune up of your computer
  • We also do data recovery
  • We also install your hardware
  • Hardware repair
  • We help in installing computer memory
  • We install your operating system
  • We also provide you with technology consultation
  • Computer virus and software removal

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

# Service Price Features
1 Full Virus Removal $169 This service removes only the viruses and any other infections. This keeps all your programs and data in tact.
2 Backup Wipe & Reload $149 We will backup all your personal data such as documents/pictures, movies etc, then we format the drive, and do a clean install of the OS and transfer you personal data back on. This does NOT backup your programs.
3 OS Reload $120 Basic virus removal. We format the hard drive, wiping all your data and programs to an “out of box” state so it is like it is brand new from the store.
4 Virus Protection $39.99 Malwarebytes Anti Malware Premium edition.

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