I don’t know about you but as a PC/Android user, one of the things for which I’ve always wished, and have been envious of Mac/iPhone users for, is the ability to send text (SMS) messages from the PC or phone seamlessly.  Thanks to Pushbullet, there is finally a way.


  • Download the PushBullet App on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Install, sign in with your Google account (Any old gmail account will work.  Same credentials and everything!)
  • Allow it all necessary permissions the app requests.  (And make sure to say yes when it asks if you would like to sync SMS.  That’s the whole point of this tutorial!  Basically, say yes to everything the app requests up first launch.  Those are the correct configuration choices, “yes”, all the way.)
  • Next, download and install the PC PushBullet app.  Sign in with your Google account and presto, you’re finished!

You can now see your SMS messages on the Desktop PC as well as send SMS messages from the PC!    The nice thing is, they don’t make you use their app/interface.  The sync happens in the background so keep using whatever SMS messaging app you prefer on the phone.

One last thing.  Because of the nature of SMS messages, just like with iMessage, your phone must be on in order to send them.  Even if it’s from your PC.  Since most of us keep our phones on 24/7, it doesn’t matter!  Just don’t expect this to be a backup if your phone is out of commission.

Pushbullet Desktop App