Clients in San Diego are constantly asking us about Windows 10.  It's been out for 6 months now and this is based on nearly 100 experiences with the upgrade process and the operating system itself.  We want to first firmly say that we love Windows 10 and think it’s great, it’s upgrade process itself that we want to define. 
  Windows 10 is wonderful when installed from scratch and not via an upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.   Meaning all settings and data are pulled off, backed up and re-configured as a new installation.  In contrast, when running the built in upgrade, only about 85% of the upgrades go through successfully without a hitch.  Nearly 100% of the time an upgrade does not make the computer run better, existing programs and settings tend to misbehave, often unresolvable without a complete reload of Windows.    Our advice is this:  Windows 10 is great, but it will not revolutionize anything you do, if you want it, great, we'll help you do it the proper, but more time-consuming way.  We as a company won’t help you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8, unless done the proper, but longer way as we know the likelihood of potential problems.  We simply do not want to send you down a path of frustration.  If you have already ran the upgrade and it works well, you are in the minority, consider yourself lucky!  We feel Windows 10 should only be used on a new PC or if you are willing to have your existing 2011 or newer PC wiped clean.  We are happy to assist you with the choice to get Windows 10 via a new computer or to help you understand the costs of installing Window 10 the best way.  The license is free until June 2016, so you have time to decide.  If you are annoyed by the constant reminders from Microsoft to upgrade, we eliminate most of that remotely.  Call or email us for help.

Kurt Rein
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